3rd Daoist Ceremony Study-Program – August 2020


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This Ceremony Study-Program is open to Daoist practitioners of all levels

NEXT WORKSHOP: 9th – 17th August 2020

The program covers:



Heavenly reports

Chanting & Praying


Basic Instruments

Rites for Incense, Bowing and Shen Shui (holy Water)

of the Daoist morning ceremony of the Quan Zhen School.

This program was created especially to teach non-chinese Daoists the traditional morning ceremony, even and especially if the participants do not speak Chinese language.

The Daoist texts include Pin Yin for the right pronunciation of the Chinese words. Textbooks in English and German are available.

Since we started teaching the Daoist ceremony in the Yu Zhen Dao-Temple in Germany in 2017 , many of our students have learned this part of Daoist practice and are able to do the ceremony on their own. After the great outcome of last years Study-Program we are now opening the classes to the public for the 2nd time.


9 Days of Training

Daily 6+ hours classes + free training

We offer a practice-space for after classes training

Classes are in English (and German if necessary)

Special Program for the Free-time


Training facility:

Wudang Temple Germany

Lao Zi College

Imser Str. 22, 31061-D Alfeld (Leine)



Master Parick Liu (Liu Wei Lin)



9th – 17th August 2020 (detailed timetable after registration)



The space is limited to 10 participants. Registration starts NOW

Only after the full fee is transferred, the registration is complete. No refunds. The participants need to be healthy and not mentally ill.

Participants do not have to speak or read chinese, but should have a good knowledge of the Pin Yin pronounciation.



Hotels and hostels of all price ranges are located near the temple. There is also a limited space for students to stay in the temple.



ONLY 888€

Not included are accommodation, food and transportation. We can hep you with that. Please contact us with your inquieries.

After you transfer the fee, please send us an email with your details. After we receive the fee, we will send you detailed information of the timetable and the classes.

It is important for the participants to wear a complete traditional daoist uniform during the classes. If you don´t have the uniform, you can purchase it HERE.


Daoist Morning-Ceremony VIDEO-COURSE Vol.1 available NOW!

Over 50 Videos including Chanting, Incantations, Liturgy, Heavenly reports, Vows, Basic Instruments and a complete Performance.


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