Di La Chen 地腊晨 (端午节 Duan Wu Jie) – Ceremony Registration




Registration open Now:
On the 5th day of the 5th lunar month (June 9th) is Di La Chen 地腊晨 (端午节 Duan Wu Jie, or Dragon Boat Festival).
On this day from 11am to 1pm we collect during the ceremony the “Noon Water 午时水” ,”Highest Yang Water 极阳水” at the Tea-Garden of Yu Zhen Guan Dao-Temple and in the mountain nearby the temple.
This water consists the highest Yang energy and is used to expel evil, bring good fortune, healing, and to produce Dan Yao 丹药 (Dao-medicine) for internal cultivation.
At 1.00pm is a ceremony to pray for good health and good fortune. The Yang Water will be empowered with the divine spirit.
To participate in this ceremony you can register with your name and address.
The ceremony service will include:
– Holy petition (Biao),
– 5 Offerings in name of participants
To participate please send your details with your registration.


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