Liu Pin Xian Jing 六品仙经 – Six Immortals Scriptures – Praxis Buch


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The Liu Pin Xian Jing 六 品 仙 经 – Six Immortals Scriptures is a practical book with 6 of the most important scriptures and liturgies of the Daoist ceremonies.

It contains:

Zao Ke – morning liturgy

Wan Ke – evening liturgy

San Guan Jing

At Dou Jing

Xuan Wu Miao Jing

Yu Shu Bao Jing

as Chinese original text and Pin Yin inscription.

This book is a practice book and not a translation.

All books, writings, and booklets are also available for free at Yu Zhen Guan Dao Temple. The amount raised here is only a discretionary donation to the temple to enable further book printing. Books can therefore not be exchanged or reclaimed. You are also welcome to send sepperat donations of any kind to the temple.


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