Tai Sui Talisman for Protection


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Protection talisman of Tai Sui, the god of the personal year of birth, based on the 60 year cycle of the Daoist calendar.

In the coming year people with the birth line Ox, Horse, Sharp, Dragon, Dog should wear a protective talisman to avert harm.

The talisman can be worn on the body, for example in the purse, as an amulet, or the like; or it can be housed in private rooms.

The talisman is protected with the talisman pouch.

The talisman increases the chances of the respective situation / task but is not a guarantee. Many factors play a role in influencing certain situations. A ceremony specially adapted to the situation can also increase the effect even more.


The amount for the ceremony is a donation to the temple.

You are free to make additional donations after receiving the talisman.





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