Thunder God 雷祖 – Ceremony

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Thunder God brings good fortune and blessings, healing and dissolves calamities and protects against evil.

We are praying for the support of the Thunder God.

Tell us your specific issue you need help with.

During the ceremony, the priest prepares and consecrates a personalized 雷公符 Thunder Protection Talisman,

We will send the talisman and instructions to you by post.

Service includes:

Thunder God Ceremony at 遇真观 Yu Zhen Guan

-incl. 5 offerings, a special Holy Register, Thunder Protection Talisman.


The ceremony can be for one or for more people. If you would like to include family members, friends, etc. please register for the ceremony and then add another person to your order, incl his/her credentials. Every person will have personalized holy register and offerings. please add only 5 people max.

Please register with complete name, birth date and address.

Contact us for questions or special inquiries Email:

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