Nine Emperors – Guardian Ceremony




The Nine Emperors are the deites of the nine stars of the Big Dipper. They are the protectors of fate and guardians of life. Every person, depending on the birthyear, has a different guardian, we can pay our respects and pray for protection.
The ceremony includes praying for protection and good fortune, avoid calamities and disaster
Services include:
– Pai Wei牌位 Tablet for your personal Guardian (send to you by post)
– Holy offerings: Incense, Water, Light, Flower, Fruits
– Holy registers for participants
– Drawing Talisman for protection (send to you by post)
– Big Rice Talisman 米符 made for the ceremony

When registering, please include:

  • name (complete birthname)
  • address (where you live right now)
  • birsthdate 
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