Personalised Ceremony




In a Daoist ceremony, the master will use a ritual and special register to present personal concerns to the gods and ask for help or knowledge, or for the redemption of suffering etc.

It is possible to be present at the ceremony and in some cases it is essential.


  • Marriage (ceremony at the desired location)
  • Blessing of – newborns – Daoist adepts – dead relatives Dedication /
  • inauguration of (ceremony at the desired location) – House altar (on request we can provide you with statues and other important altar items) – Apartment / home – Business premises (company, restaurant, school, institute, etc.) – vehicles / objects – Temple / parish hall (on request we can provide you with statues and other important altar items)
  • Request from – prosperity – healing / recovery
  • Birth (ceremony at the desired location)
  • Death (ceremony at the desired location)
  • Redeeming – calamity – bad karma – bad energy / spirits – obsession
  • Spiritual / energetic cleansing and / or energetic charging of – People – objects – Apartment / house (ceremony at the desired location) – Business premises (ceremony at the desired location)

Unless otherwise stated, the ceremony will be performed in the Yu Zhen Guan Dao Temple.

For ceremonies outside our temple, travel expenses and, if necessary, accommodation and meals are added. The fee for the ceremony is a donation to the temple. You are free to make additional donations after the ceremony is complete. The Daoist ceremony is a communication with the gods and increases the chances of the respective situation / task considerably, but is not a guarantee. Many factors play a role in influencing certain situations. IMPORTANT: When ordering, please describe the details of the people and situations, in text form max. 500 words are sufficient. If in doubt, talk to us by phone. This service is used to finance donation projects.


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