Personalised Talisman


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The master makes the talisman and consecrates it in a ritual in order to bring out and intensify the effect.

Each talisman is personalized and sent with detailed instructions how to apply it.

The talisman supports various processes:

Subjects of the talisman:

  • birth
  • protection of the child
  • marriage
  • death
  • happiness
  • prosperity
  • protection from calamity
  • protection from bad influences
  • Recovery / healing
  • success
  • against curse
  • more

The talisman increases the chances of the particular situation / task but is not a guarantee. Many factors play a role in influencing certain situations. A ceremony specially adapted to the situation can also increase the effect even more.

The talisman is protected with the talisman pouch.

The fee for the ceremony is a donation to the temple. Welcome to make additional donations after receiving the talisman.

IMPORTANT: When ordering, please briefly describe the details of the people and situations for whom we are making the talisman,






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